Becoming a Buyer on Ākina Market Connect 

Why become a Buyer on Ākina Market Connect?

All Suppliers on Ākina Market Connect have been certified by Ākina as (1) being a social enterprise and (2) being capable of the delivery of goods/services. This minimises your risk in using a social enterprise supplier in your supply chain, and connects you with organisations that are ready to deliver.  

Buying through Ākina Market Connect enables your organisation to deliver impact at a deeper level than traditional CSR activities, simply by spending money in a different way. 

 Ākina Market Connect can also support your organisation to:  

  • Define, capture and report your impact
  • Tell your story effectively
  • Grow internal engagement, awareness and skills
  • Explore and prioritise social procurement opportunities, and
  • Build the capability of Suppliers to meet your needs.

As a Buyer on Ākina Market Connect, you are also part of a growing community of other buyers that are demonstrating leadership in growing impact through business for good.  

Become an Ākina Market Connect Buyer

To become an Ākina Market Connect Buyer, simply express your interest using this form, and then we will be in touch to learn more about your organisation and procurement requirements and aspirations.  

Join the NZ social procurement revolution.  


If you have a question about Ākina Market Connect, get in touch with us below.

About Ākina

The Ākina Foundation is growing social enterprise across New Zealand. We believe social entrepreneurs and social enterprise represent a powerful opportunity to build a new economy that regenerates the environment and creates social foundations for people to thrive.